Maybe it’s because I’m suddenly left with all this free time, maybe it’s because the fruits of my creative madness, strangely received good critics, maybe there’s something in the water I drink, anyway I decided to make a blog, to get it out of my system.

Here I will share what I love to do, what thrills me, what I believe some other soulmate out there might also find interesting. And since my whole life I ‘ve been sentenced to manage a lot of things, pretty well, but to never be perfect with anything, I will call my blog “paraligo”, which in Greek means nearly.

Nearly a cook, nearly a painter, nearly a singer, nearly a writer, I announce myself nearly everything, and whatever happens I will share it with you. And this unauthorized entitlement to call myself whatever hits my head and whatever hits my head to cop out with, pleases me very much.

If even “nearly” pleases you as well, It will be nearly perfect!