10 school labels cute as an owl

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Back to school again folks and I am not talking about the Grease 2 popular soundtrack of the same name. I am talking about harsh reality. To make it a little bit easier on you little ones paraligo.com has designed … Continued

Easter card printable

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  Paraligo wishes you a very happy Easter with a cute  printable Easter card. To download the free printable Easter card click here. If you  liked the cover page Easter card picture you can also download it here.

2015 calendar printable

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A new year begins full of resolutions, expectations and goals.  Paraligo wishes you to accomplish them all and to help you do so, here is a 2015 calendar printable. Download the pdf file, print paraligo monthly wall Calendar and paint … Continued

Christmas gift tags

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Ladies and gentlemen let the countdown begin! There are only 29 days until Christmas and it’s never too early to start looking for presents. I don’t know  If I can assist you with your Christmas gifts but I can definitely … Continued

Free printable bookmarks

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Weather is getting colder, days are getting shorter and it’s about time to remember some forgotten winter pleasures, such as an hour of leisure on the couch with a soft blanket, a hot cup of coffee and a good book. … Continued

School labels

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And yes ladies and gentlemen it is official. The new school year has started. Teachers have been introduced, school supplies have been purchased and pour parents are out of breath and a considerable amount of money. At least everything has … Continued

School planner: Printable

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  Summer vacations are inevitably over and the new school year is about to begin! Time for new books and colorful pencils and schoolbags and of course a School planner. Download and print this cute School planner for your little … Continued

Jam labels

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Homemade jams are, healthy, nutricious  and easy to make and Summer is the best time of the year to prepare and store them. For this purpose I created some Printable Jam labels for you, for 12 different  flavours, including Strawberry … Continued

Printable Cocktail Umbrellas

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Cocktail series episode two! Title “garnish”! In the previous episode we prepared our cocktails, so now lets decorate them to add that extra touch, to the illusion that we are enjoying them at some tropical beach! So what if your boozing … Continued

Cocktail Guide

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For all of you who have been dreaming of a cool drink under the hot sun, with the sea waves splashing on your feet, all winter long. A printable, Cocktail Guide of the most popular summer drinks, to get you … Continued