Numero Zero

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In the year 1992 an unsuccessful writer gets a job in an unconventional newspaper in Milan, sponsored by a media magnate who intents to use it to force his way into politics and if this rings a bell, this is … Continued


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In honour of all the amazing mothers all around the world! “Because I feel that in the Heavens above, the angels, whispering to one another, can find, among their burning terms of love  none so devotional as that of ‘Mother” Edgar Allen … Continued

Easter decor

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Did you know that most of your colorful Easter decor pieces are of pagan origins. Many Easter traditions derive from pre Christian pagan religions, as in the Early Middle Ages, the Christian churches adopted some elements of national cult and … Continued

Valentine gift ideas

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Only five days are left until that day of the year when regardless of what a carnival of consumerism you think it is, you have to set aside your unconventional believes and give into the idea that you have to … Continued

Gifts for Christmas

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Seven days until Christmas and there are no more excuses. You have to buy presents!  For those of you who ,just like my self, leave everything for the last minute, here are some ideas for Gifts for Christmas! The Gifts … Continued

12 cool umbrellas

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Climate is changing the weather is getting crazy and there’s been a lot of rain lately. For all of you who hate grey and drizzly skies we made a collection of 12 cool umbrellas, in the hope of cheering you … Continued

Coffee painting

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Good coffee is a work of art and from what it seems some people practically took this phrase, literally and came up with Coffee painting. Coffee painting is not a metaphor for brewing high quality  coffee beverage and it’s not … Continued

Cool dog houses

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Cool dog houses for our fluffy, four legged loved ones, that are always beside us, make us laugh, never let us feel alone, love us unconditionally, protect us and stay loyal to the end! For those who deserve the best, 11 … Continued