Vanilla chocolate mini pastries

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Vanilla chocolate mini pastries made of soft, plushy, vanilla flavored yeast dough, with a heart full of Chocolate, drizzling with sinful syrup! This is the dessert that we are going to introduce you to, in this 3 minute Video. It is … Continued

How to make baklava!

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Wonderfully gold, deliciously crispy and sinfully sweet, Baklava is one of the most popular desserts in the region of former Ottoman Empire and in the central and southern Asia.  With many countries claiming to have taught the rest of the … Continued

Pomegranate liqueur!

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Every time when the holiday season starts, my mind nostalgically travels back in Greece of the previous decades, when holidays were an opportunity for people to meet and houses smelled of savoury cheese pie and Pomegranate liqueur. Wonderful, homemade, handmade … Continued

Ηow to make strawberry jam

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What’s your favourite jam flavor? Let me guess, it’s strawberry isn’nt it? I knew it and since strawberries are at the pick of their season I thought of sharing my expertise on How to make strawberry jam  with a video. … Continued

Stuffed grape leaves

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Stuffed grape leaves is a dish very common in the Middle East, Balkans, and Turkey. There are numerous variations of this recipe and in this video mom is going to show  you the Greek version  that consists of rice, onion, … Continued

Homemade gnocchi

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Gnocchi is Italian pasta with a very distinct taste, usually made  from potato and flour. You can find them at the stores refrigerated, frozen, or dried but you can also make Homemade gnocchi all by your self. Luckily for me that i … Continued