How to make baklava!

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Wonderfully gold, deliciously crispy and sinfully sweet, Baklava is one of the most popular desserts in the region of former Ottoman Empire and in the central and southern Asia.  With many countries claiming to have taught the rest of the … Continued

Ηow to make strawberry jam

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What’s your favourite jam flavor? Let me guess, it’s strawberry isn’nt it? I knew it and since strawberries are at the pick of their season I thought of sharing my expertise on How to make strawberry jam  with a video. … Continued

Homemade Donut Recipe

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Donuts always bring on my mind Summers of my childhood, when we used to enjoy them on our evening walks, bought from some tiny store with the sign Homemade Donut Recipe, located in some small village in Halkidiki, served in white plastic … Continued

Greek Easter brioche

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Tsoureki is a delicious sweat bread with eggs and spices, that it’s accustomed to eat during Easter in Greece and also on Christmas and basically during the whole year because, it’s simply too tasty to wait for Easter to enjoy … Continued