Christmas Gnome Crochet

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A Christmas Gnome is born in this Video, created with the Crochet technique, which lately I have to admit I find myself addicted to. And very soon you ‘ll find yourselves addicted to this adorable little fellow with his irresistible Nordic Style, adventurous temperament, and amazing Looks.

Whether he will be a part of your Christmas Decorations, a Christmas Ornament or a Gift for Children this lovely Christmas Gnome intends to steal your heart. So warm up, stretch your fingers and get ready to fall in love.

To create my Christmas Gnome, you will need intermediate Crochet skills, such as being able to create a Magic Ring / Circle, a Single Crochet, an increase, a decrease and a double loop Single Crochet. You will also need a few easy to find materials and tools.

Click here to download the free printable pattern.

 Materials & ToolsChristmas Gnome Crochet 2

  • Grey Crochet Cotton Thread No 10
  • Cream Crochet Cotton Thread No 10
  • Steel Crochet Hook No 1.5mm (US No 7)
  • Wooden bead (1cm Dia)
  • Amigurumi Filling
  • Stitch Marker
  • Yarn Needle
  • Scissors
  • Toothbrush

This project consists of two parts, the body, and the hat. Each of the two will advance on the round starting from a magic circle with six single crochet. The Body will begin as a flat disc that will increase by 6 stitches per round until it reaches 42 stitches in perimeter.

To create a flat and round disk, as I have also mentioned in previous projects, it is important to start a round with an increase (that’s when you place 2 single crochet in one stitch), only when the previous round is ended with an increase. The same rule applies to the decreases.

From the 7th round and on, there will be no more increases and you will place one single crochet in every stitch, for 12 rounds. When you complete your 18nth round you will start stuffing the body. At the 19nth round, you will change yarn color and crochet direction. You will begin with a round of simple single crochet.

From the 20th round will start creating the beard placing Double Loop Single Crochet in the beginning and the end of a round. You will begin with 2 Double Loop Single Crochet in the 20th round which will be doubled every other round until the 29th round.

To create a Double Loop Single Crochet insert your hook through the 1st stitch and wind the yarn around your index 2 times. Bring the hook over and under the yarn and insert it through the loops on your index. Stretch the loops to reach the bottom of the body. Grab the loops with your hook and drive them through the 1st stitch. Drop the loops yarn over and drive through all 4 loops on your Hook.

In the in-between rounds 21st, 23d, 25th and so on, you will place simple single crochet and you will decrease at the same pace you used for your increases. That is 6 stitches per round. To make a decrease pull a loop through the 1st stitch, pull a loop through the 2nd stitch and yarn over the 3 loops together.

On the 30th and 31st round you will decrease only until you completely close the body. Before that, make sure to add more filling to ensure a firm and nice shape. You will cut your yarn fasten off and weave in and be done with the body.

The hat will begin with a magic circle and 6 single crochet. It will then advance into a conical shape. This means that you will place a single crochet in each stitch for the first 2 round and you will increase third round by 3 stitches. In other words, you will crochet 3 increases in every third round.

On the 35th round, you will complete the hat by cutting the yarn, making sure to leave a long tail (20-25) cm. You will then fasten off and thread the tail to a yarn needle. After trimming and shaping the beard (notice that you must insert your needle at the end of each loop to turn the loops into fringes) you will begin to sew the hat onto the body with a simple, invisible seam.

You will simply Grab the back loop of a stitch in the second to last round, from the inside of the hat and pull the needle through. You will then place the end of the hat with the tail, near the end of the face where the beard ends.

You will insert the needle in the nearest stitch of the first cream yarn round of the body and pull it through the next stitch. You will repeat until you reach the other side at the point where the beard starts. Secure the yarn and cut the excess.

Finally, you will attach the nose. You will locate the middle of the beard and sew the wooden bead at the point of the first cream yarn round. You will secure the yarn cut the excess and say hello to the handsome guy you‘ve just created.

So get your supplies watch the Video, make a hot cup of coffee and create an amazing Crochet Christmas Gnome!

From Merry Christmas to you All!