Crochet Christmas Ornaments

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Crochet Christmas Ornaments with Beads is the new paraligo Crochet Project and with this post, I am happy to announce the beginning of the festive creative craziness. Let the crafting begin!

In this new Video Tutorial, you will find out how to make a Beaded Crochet Bauble, which thanks to its small size, is ideal for the Christmas Tree, but also for Garlands, wreaths and many other Christmas Decorations.

To make these beautiful Crochet Christmas Ornaments, you will need very basic Crochet skills, such as knowing how to make a Magic Ring / Circle and  a Single Crochet and you will also need to get a few materials that are very easy to find.

Click here to download the free printable pattern.

Materials & Tools
  • Red Cotton Pearl Crochet Thread No 5
  • Polyfoam Bauble 15cm (Circumference)
  • Clear Glass Wheel Beads (3mm) about 635pcs.
  • Steel Crochet Hook No 1.5mm (US  No 7)
  • Jewelry Wire 9cm (28gauge)
  • Needle
  • Scissors

The first step is to string the beads. You’ll need about 635 pieces which make about  150cm of yarn strung with beads. In the Video, you’ll see how you can string them easily and quickly with the help of a small piece of jewelry wire.

To make your life easier, before you start, arrange the beads, leaving a distance of 20-30cm per 20 beads. To incorporate a bead into a single crochet, bring it close to the active loop, pull a loop, and yarn over. The beads will attach to the back of your work.

The project will advance in the round starting from a magic circle with six single crochet. The flat disc that will be created will increase by 6 stitches in each round until it reaches 42 stitches in the perimeter. Each one of the stitches, including the ones of the magic circle and the decreases, will be crochet together with a bead.

For your disk to remain flat and round, it is important to loosen your tension and start a round with an increase (that’s when you place 2 single crochet in one stitch), only when the previous round has ended with an increase. The same goes for the decreases.

From the 6th round and on, there will be no more increases and you will place one single crochet in every stitch, for 7 rounds. The shape will change and will look like a small a nest. You will continue to Crochet from the inside of the project but this will be more understandable when watching the video.

When you finish the 14th round you will place the polyfoam ball inside the nest and start the decreases. Which means that you will simply skip a stitch and place a single crochet in the next one, every time the pattern requires a decrease.

From the 15th round and on, the perimeter must be decreased by 6 stitches in each round. In other words, you will do the exact opposite of what we did in the beginning.  Ideally, the project should finish in the 22 round by decreasing the last 2 stitches in one.

From my experience, however, I have to testify that usually by the 21st round, we place the last possible decreases because the sphere has already closed and stretched over the inner ball and it is very difficult to work on and unnecessary to insist.

We finish our bauble by creating a hanging loop using the tail of the yarn.  I chose to leave the yarn as it is and simply weave in the other end to secure the loop. You could also chain your hanging loop if the result pleases you better.

And that’s about it. So enough with the talk and let’s go watch the Video and make wonderful Crochet Christmas Ornaments!