Easter Chicken with Pipe Cleaners

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I don’t know if you count your Chickens before they are hatched, but you can count that you are going to love this cute Easter Chicken that you can make just with Pipe Cleaners. 6 Pipe Cleaners and 2 small black beads to be exact.

So if you are looking for Easter Crafts for your children, your pupils or you wish to get yourself in an early festive mood, watch this Video and prepare to transform your home or classroom in a miniature aviary.

Basically because one simply cannot get enough of these adorable Easter Chickens, secondly because it would be a shame to make just one, and let her sad and lonely and finally because this multifunctional Easter Chicken, can Beautiful decorate platters with eggs, baskets with Easter chocolate treats or it can be used as an ornament.

Easter Chicken with Pipe Cleaners 2
Materials & Tools:
  • 4 White Pipe Cleaners (30cm)
  • 1 Yellow Pipe Cleaner (30cm)
  • 1 Red Pipe Cleaner (small piece)
  • Scissors
  • Universal Glue
  • Tweezers
  • Pincers
  • Round Nose Pliers
  • Black Beads (2mm)
  • Pen (thick 1.3cm aprx.)
  • There are several types of Pipe Cleaners which differ in flexibility and thickness. If you have the option to choose, for the feet/ Beak (yellow Pipe Cleaner), use one less thick and fluffy to save you the extra trimming.
  • In the Video, I use Pincers and Round Nose Pliers for greater accuracy. But you don’t necessarily have to use them too, as Pipe Cleaners bend very easily and can be cut with scissors.

So get the materials, watch the Video, and make the cutest Easter Chickens that ever existed..