Polymer Clay Vase of Roses

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Polymer Clay Vase of Roses is the theme of this Post that comes after an entire year’s absence. Better late than never though and paraligo returns to action with a Miniature Vase of Roses.

Miniatures are something that I passional and inexplicably love. On a trip to Germany, I once discovered a shop in Dusseldorf which traded exclusively miniatures.  To describe how I felt in that shop  I will refer you to “ Charlie to the chocolate factory”.

And that despite the fact that when I made this trip I was as adult as I will ever be and to that add some extra years as well. Unfortunately,  joy didn’t last long, as the exorbitant prices of those tiny, beautiful otherwise, cutlery, furniture and a thousand Thumbelina objects were shouting Raus!!!!! (in English Out!!!!!)

And then came Utube. And an entire miniature world opened before me, magical, affordable and made of Polymer Clay. Many thanks to those people who share their knowledge with all of us and offer us hours of joy and creativity by uploading Polymer Clay Tutorials.

Big thanks also to you who supported this Blog, which two days ago proudly entered its third year of existence and allow me to grant this opportunity to wish paraligo happy birthday with a Bouquet of Roses made of Polymer Clay.

And with a Miniature Polymer Clay Vase, that resembles alabaster, the manufacturing technique of which sprang from my head, in the absence of another decent, according to my criteria, preexisting Video, about the construction of a miniature Polymer Clay Vase.

Materials & Tools:

  • Beige polymer clay
  • Brown polymer clay
  • Pink polymer clay
  • Fuchsia polymer clay
  • Liquid polymer clay
  • Rolling pin
  • Toothpicks
  • Cutting Blade
  • Acrylic gloss varnish
  • Paint Brush


  • Allow the Liquid Polymer Clay to rest for some time before placing the roses,to avoid spending half day trying to arrange the poor flowers.
  • To create big blossomed roses make 3-4 extra petals and press them to stick around each toothpick wrapped bud.
  • For a more natural roses look, use 2-3 similar shades of Polymer Clay (fuchsia was an unfortunate choice but nevertheless available) with the darker shade on the small petals at the center and the lighter shade at the outer petals.

So Watch this 4 minute Video Polymer Clay Tutorial and make a tiny arrangement of Miniature Roses in a Polymer Clay Vase!