Pouf ottoman knitting tutorial

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A promise is a promise and so I return to my knitting operations with a project that turned out to be quite adventurous from a filmmaking point of view. A Pouf ottoman knitting tutorial comprised by two videos, a printable pattern and some useful tips that I hope will save you some time and effort.

And talking about tips let’s get into materials. In the beginning of the first Pouf ottoman knitting tutorial video you will find a detailed list of tools and materials that you are going to need. The yarn mentioned in this list is the one I used because it seemed like the best solution budget-wise.

Though I can’t say it was pure disappointment I strongly suggest that you use a different type of yarn, since Aran is not thick enough for large knitting projects, which forced me to use double yarn and this can be very complicating.  So I recommend 1 skein of super bulky weight blanket yarn such as this one.

You can also use T-shirt yarn or any other type you like but keep in mind that this will alter the knitting pattern. If you need to adjust the knitting pattern notice that in order to have a flat Pouf ottoman the total of reduced (unknitted) stitches on one each side must be equal or greater than the number of unchangeable stitches in the middle.

To download the Pouf ottoman knitting pattern click here.

Pouf Ottoman Knitting pattern

If you want a more rounded Pouf ottoman the number of invariable stitches in the middle should be slightly greater than that of the reduced ( unknitted) stitches on one side, which in any case must be a multiple of 3 (9, 12, 15, 18, 21 etc).

The dimensions of my Pouf ottoman are aprx. 150cm perimeter, 50cm diameter and 35cm height.  To have an estimate of the size of your project, note that your knit-work will progress vertically. This means that if you drew a line from the center of the top of your Pouf ottoman to the center of the bottom, this line would be the first row of your knit-work (cast on row).

So i hope my instructions do make some sense  and i also hope that you enjoy the videos but most of all that you enjoy making your own  beautiful knitted  Pouf ottoman!

For those of you who missed it take a look to my previous Diy project and find out how you can use the same pattern to make a knitted stool cover!